31 January 2024

5 Thai font in Canva

Are you eager to establish a standout and visually appealing brand? Elevate your design game by selecting the perfect Thai font. Whether you’re crafting online content or designing websites, the choice of font plays a crucial role.

Unlock a world of unique Thai fonts that not only embody a distinct identity but also seamlessly blend with English. Today, we’re excited to showcase five popular Thai fonts that will add a touch of creativity to your designs. Join us on a journey of discovery!

1. Open Sans

Open Sans

In the realm of web design, Open Sans Font is a household name, known for its distinctive and easily readable design. Featuring a headless letter style, this versatile font seamlessly adapts to various purposes, whether employed as a header or within the body of text. Open Sans effortlessly accommodates bold and italic styles, making it suitable for diverse applications. Renowned for its user-friendly nature, especially in the Thai script, Open Sans remains a popular choice in 2024, ensuring a timeless and enduring appeal on Canva.

Enjoy the freedom to use Open Sans Font on Canva, adding a touch of style to your designs at no cost.

2. FC Minimal

เอฟซี มินิมอล

When it comes to Thai fonts, FC Minimal is a noteworthy choice, rivaling the popularity of Open Sans with its semi-formal identity. This versatile font offers myriad possibilities for use, boasting 9 weights and 18 styles to enhance and adorn your photos, adding an intriguing touch. Notably, FC Minimal excels in readability, making it a perfect fit for enthusiasts of social media content. Apply this font to your visuals, effortlessly capturing attention and ensuring that your work stands out. With FC Minimal, your creations are bound to leave a lasting impression!

Enjoy the freedom to use FC Minimal on Canva, elevating your designs with style, and all for free!

3. Kodchasan


Tired of the conventional headless Thai fonts? Let’s shake things up with Kodchasan, a round-headed Thai font that breaks the monotony. While it may not be the best fit for formal lectures or strictly formal writing, Kodchasan brings a refreshing change to your graphic design endeavors. If you’re yearning for something different and vibrant, consider making Kodchasan your next choice. Infuse your content with a burst of color and creativity!

Unlock the creative potential with Kodchasan on Canva – it’s free to use and ready to bring a lively twist to your designs!

4. Prompt


Discover the fonts favored by marketers, perfect for crafting impactful PowerPoints or enhancing graphics. Notably, these fonts were meticulously developed by the National Design and Craftsmanship Development Center of Thailand. Originally designed to support educational institutions and government agencies, they are versatile and well-suited for all purposes, with a strong emphasis on ensuring ease of reading.

Unlock the creative potential with these fonts on Canva – they are free to use and designed to elevate your visual content!

5. Cloud


Meet Jaibang Thai font – a standout choice with its elegant and timeless lines. Ideal for formal writing, this font effortlessly combines the sophistication of Humanist Sans with a touch of Grotesque, making it perfect for crafting research papers or any other document. The Cloud font, with its well-designed style, adds a unique and memorable touch to your creations.

Explore the distinctive charm of Jaibang Thai font on Canva – it’s free to use and ready to infuse your designs with sophistication and uniqueness!

Achieve your goals with precision by downloading these five free Thai fonts! At Sixtygram, we’re here to guide you on fonts for content and design. However, it’s crucial to remember to check the copyright of each font before commercial use to ensure a seamless and beautiful representation of your business.

Whether you’re looking to design a website with creative embellishments or seeking guidance on initiating online marketing, we’re delighted to offer advice and support at every step of the design process. Our goal is to help you align your design with effective communication strategies tailored to reach your target audience.

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