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Elevate your website to Google’s first page with our SEO service. Utilize lucrative keyword analysis techniques for increased visitors, driving product purchases and service inquiries. Experience the benefits of choosing us for SEO success.

  • Assured Profitability: Achieve top rankings by optimizing high-value keywords.
  • Rapid Website Expansion: Boost website traffic significantly for exponential growth.
  • Swift Project Completion: SEO content delivered in just 7 days.

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Check website quality – SEO AUDIT (FREE)

Elevate your website’s excellence through a meticulous SEO Audit. Initiate with health analysis, HTTPS security, link integrity, speed, mobile responsiveness, site map, and website structure. Uncover key factors influencing SEO rankings, identifying opportunities for improvement with our advanced marketing tools.

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Over 300 clients trust our SEO expertise for website success.

Secure optimal keywords for your business success.

As a result of our SEO agency’s efforts, potential customers interested in your products and services (based on the right niche keywords) can accurately discover and visit your target website, leading to final sales. We prioritize business profits, not just low-quality visitor numbers in SEO rankings.

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  • Ensure a boost in online customers within 2 month.
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Create quality SEO content

High-quality content (Content) that is user-friendly is the cornerstone of SEO. With over 3.5 billion daily visitors on popular search engines like Google, there’s a vast opportunity to enhance your website traffic. We employ white-hat SEO techniques, focusing on improving and developing website content while adhering to Google’s guidelines and policies. Our approach avoids spam and content disguises, ensuring a stable and sustainable attraction of customers to your website. Explore the differences between white SEO and gray SEO.

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Find the SEO package that’s best for you.

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Starter package

10,000 THB / month
(add 2,000 baht per word)

What you will get

  • Count of search terms: 1 keyword and 50 related words.
  • The quantity of high-volume search terms varies based on the business type.
  • 3 SEO articles
  • Monthly summary of search rankings.
  • Add relevant backlinks
  • Ranking Guarantee
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Professional package

20,000 THB / month
(add 1,000 baht per word)

What you will get

  • Count of search terms: 5 keywords and 200 related words.
  • high-volume search terms varies based on the business type.
  • 10 SEO articles
  • Monthly summary of search rankings.
  • Add relevant backlinks
  • Ranking Guarantee
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Maximum package

50,000 THB / month
(no additional plus)

What you will get

  • Count of search terms, encompassing all keywords.
  • The quantity of high-volume search terms varies according to the business type.
  • All necessary SEO articles
  • Keyword ranking summary available upon request.
  • Add relevant backlinks
  • Ranking Guarantee

Sixtygram’s SEO procedure

Consult with our business SEO team

As a first step, we’ll research your business to identify your target audience. Our specialized experts will then conduct a thorough analysis to determine your specific SEO requirements for this instance.

1. Analyze the business

2. Develop a work plan

Create a prototype SEO plan

Following the consultation with our business analyst team, we’ll craft a prototype SEO marketing plan for your website. This involves gathering keywords from competitor websites, drafting content related to business, user experience (UX), article categories, and creating website structure maps (sitemap). We’ll then present a user-friendly wireframe for your consideration.

Offer comprehensive SEO services.

Once you choose to proceed with your SEO plan, our content writers will initiate the publication of articles relevant to your business. We’ll adhere to the agreed-upon timeline, ensuring ongoing content enhancement and providing guidance tailored to your preferences.

3. Take action

4. Establish essential connections

Enhance your team with high-quality link building.

After your product or service content is published, our Backlink Team will furnish pertinent links to enhance your business’s credibility and receive endorsements from other website partners. We adhere to the proper guidelines outlined by Google Search Console.

Utilize measurement instruments.

Upon completion of the entire SEO process within the contracted period, we will provide an internationally certified results report (SEO ranking). Leveraging tools such as Ahrefs, Semrush, and Ubersuggest, we aim to capture customer consideration.

5. Provide outcomes

6. Collect customer feedback and reviews

Mission completed!

Upon delivering exceptional SEO services, we encourage receiving comments, reviews, and feedback for continuous refinement. However, the true value is best experienced firsthand. Contact us now for a consultation with our business SEO team.

First-page SEO mastery you’ve encountered.

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While Sixtygram is a relatively new entrant in the digital marketing arena, our team’s collective in-house and freelance SEO experience has made a significant impact. Over the past 5 years, we’ve delivered substantial organic traffic results, earning recognition from prominent companies in Thailand.

At present, Sixtygram would like to take this opportunity to introduce the best SEO Services. We welcome both small and large Thai entrepreneurs at an affordable monthly SEO fee rate. Adhering to the spirit of making SEO an accessible marketing strategy for all budgets, it’s not just large companies with expensive SEO specialists that can dominate the #1 media space in the world, the Search Engine.

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