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We manage Facebook Pages for both Thai and international audiences, catering to online businesses with marketing-oriented Fanpages. Contact us at 0624436667 or Line ID @sixtygram. Save time on chat responses, comment replies, and page posts with our comprehensive service including content creation, starting at 5,000 THB/month. Guaranteed by our expert team proficient in utilizing Facebook Tools.

  • Package starts at just 5,000 THB per month.
  • Graphic design team creates images for content posts. Free
  • Receive immediate results reports within 30 days.

Choose the services that interest you:


Monthly Content Posting Schedule (Free)

Updating trends through post creation on Fanpage will keep you from being a lost marketing platform (CRM) interested in managing page assignments. We’re happy to create an interesting 30-day content posting plan to meet your needs.

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Facebook Page Management

Page management services include transferring administrator rights to agents who act as administrators (CRM) keep customers, the For interested in choosing a you can save over better results by managing comments of with promoting and posts or their businesses, so that time making.

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Fan Page Management Package Price

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Small-sized page

5,000 Baht / Month
Suitable for fan pages starting to sell products and services, focusing on building identity.


  • Free Set up a new page, gain 1,000 followers.
  • Profile picture and banner design.
  • Content posting plan.
  • Create 5 posts (with graphic images).
  • Personal consultation.
  • Monthly performance report.
  • Advertising Campaign.
  • Respond to chats and comments.
  • Brand CI creation.
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15,000 Baht / Month
Suitable for business pages with a regular customer base looking to increase sales.


  • Profile picture and banner design.
  • Content posting plan.
  • Create 10 posts (with graphic images).
  • Personal consultation.
  • Monthly performance report.
  • 1 Advertising Campaign.
  • Respond to chats and comments.
  • Brand CI creation.
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35,000 Baht / Month
Suitable for pages with over 100K followers, requiring special management systems.


  • Profile picture and banner design.
  • Content posting plan.
  • Create 15 posts (with graphic images).
  • Personal consultation.
  • Monthly performance report.
  • 4 Advertising Campaign.
  • Respond to chats and comments.
  • Brand CI creation.

How We Manage Sixtygram’s Page

Plan based on follower engagement:

Initially, our page management team analyzes the target audience of the fan page and thoroughly studies the client’s business. This forms the basis for creating a content posting plan and schedule related to the client’s business type.

1. Study Page Content

2. Delivery of Page Management Plan

Receive feedback at every step from clients:

Once we have complete information and analysis of the fan page’s target audience, we deliver a page management plan that includes the key message for each post. This allows clients to review and provide feedback before allowing any changes to be made and published on the fan page.

Develop and start content creation:

After client approval and agreement on the plan, our team of writers starts producing content that engages followers, along with creating graphic images in the brand’s style (CI Brand) to create memorability.

3. Content Creation

4. Engagement with Target Audience

Page admins respond to messages and comments:

When our marketing posts are published according to the scheduled time, our page admin team promptly responds to messages and comments from potential customers with a polite, professional tone that aligns with the service provider’s goals.

Use performance measurement tools:

Upon completion of our monthly Facebook page management campaign, we deliver reports on reach, summary of likes, visitors, ROI, and ROAS (if applicable). We provide accurate information on the actual increase in followers under our page management or can be checked through the Facebook Fanpage Dashboard we oversee.

5. Results Delivery

6. Customer Reviews

Mission accomplished:

We welcome feedback and reviews to continuously improve our page management services and the efficiency of our page admins. Don’t hesitate to contact us for consultation.

We are Behind the Success of Many Facebook Pages in Thailand

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At the global level of page management, the focus often lies in Social Media Marketing (SMM) strategies. Communicating with customer groups and promoting pages to maximize visibility or using social media to deliver content that meets the specific needs of business target groups is crucial. By interpreting the correct SMM strategies, Sixtygram believes positive reviews from the pages we manage are significant outcomes.

Hiring agencies or freelancers to manage pages is suitable for businesses such as:

  • Online retail businesses: Many online merchants face internal challenges such as product packaging for delivery, live streaming for sales, and self-managed ad campaigns, which can be overwhelming. Hiring page managers can lighten the load by handling chat responses and updating promotions with posts.
  • Travel businesses: For example, hotel pages, tour organizers, and car rental services require 24/7 operation due to the nature of the travel and accommodation business. Efficient page management includes continuous chat responses and timely updates of promotions during important festivals.
  • Specialized businesses: Such as beauty clinics or law offices, which face high competition and require experienced page managers who track social media trends to quickly implement marketing strategies.

When you hire freelancers to manage your page or use Sixtygram’s page management service, the first step is to grant them Facebook access rights by setting their role as Admin. You don’t need to give them full control rights, just enough for them to perform necessary page management tasks. Once the page management tasks are completed according to the agreement, you can revoke access rights at any time for security reasons and retain ownership rights over the page as before.

The cost of Facebook page management services starts at 5,000 THB per month for small pages, 15,000 THB per month for medium-sized businesses, and 35,000 THB per month for large businesses. Prices vary depending on the number of page followers and the services received, including page creation with followers, profile and banner image design to enhance credibility, posting plans, and monthly content quantity. These prices do not include non-organic ad campaigns.