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Sixtygram simplifies online advertising in Thailand by creating and managing effective Facebook and Google Ads campaigns targeting Thai customers. Our agency’s services are designed to help you reach a wide online audience within your budget.

  • Free graphic images for use in advertising
  • Receive target groups (Audience) to continue campaigns.
  • Report on the number of clicks and viewers of your campaign.



Business analysis and targeting for advertising ( for Free)

Simplify the process of placing ads on social media platforms with our assistance. Get a free business analysis consultation and discover the target audience for your advertising campaigns. Estimating the budget for the initial advertising auction and gauging the expected results becomes effortless. Just share your business or product type, and leave the rest to us!

Paid Ads Service

Advertising on Social Media Platform

facebook advertising

Facebook advertising plays a vital role in the realm of social media marketing. It is an indispensable channel for brands, online sellers, retail stores, restaurants, and service providers, such as law firms. Maximizing the effectiveness of your ad posts is crucial for connecting your products and services with your target audience. However, the complexity of Facebook advertising campaigns requires a deep understanding and proper implementation. It demands specialized expertise to ensure optimal performance and worthwhile bid results for your financial investment. At Sixtygram, we offer expert facilitation of Facebook advertising, leveraging our experience in this channel to deliver exceptional results.

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Google Ads is an integral part of our services at Sixtygram agency. We offer a comprehensive solution that includes customizing relevant advertising keywords (Ads Words) for brands and businesses seeking to expand their online reach through search engine channels. With our fee-based service, we provide valuable expertise and in-depth experience in crafting effective Google ads, ensuring maximum value for your business.

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Find the advertising package that is most suitable for you.

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ยิงงบไม่เกิน 30,000 บาท

9,000 THB / month
Suitable for products and services that want to start doing auction advertising.


  • Facebook / Google Ads
  • 1 advertising image
  • ROI measurement report (Excel)
  • Engagement guarantee
  • Reel Advertising 1 piece
  • Daily campaign optimization
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ยิงงบไม่เกิน 70,000 บาท

25,000 THB / month
Suitable for businesses that have a specific target group (Niche Target) that wants to become viral.


  • Facebook / Google Ads
  • 3 advertising image
  • ROI measurement report (Excel)
  • Engagement guarantee
  • Reel Advertising 1 piece
  • Daily campaign optimization
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50,000 THB / month
Suitable for medium-large businesses that want to be seen on every platform.


  • Facebook / Google Ads
  • 8 advertising image
  • ROI measurement report (Excel)
  • Engagement guarantee
  • Reel Advertising 3 piece
  • Daily campaign optimization


Conduct a thorough analysis of advertising goals

We evaluate the specific needs and objectives of your business to identify the key highlights of your products or services, which will be incorporated into our advertising plans for continuous improvement.

1. Study advertising goals

2. Write an advertising plan

Develop an advertising plan

After studying the information about your products or services, we strategize the advertising campaign based on your budget. This involves segmenting the target audience. For smaller budgets, we focus on a narrow target audience, while larger budgets allow for broader targeting.

Select the most effective advertising channels

Taking into account the target audience and allocated budget, we carefully choose the most suitable advertising platforms. Our skilled graphics team creates compelling video drafts and graphics for your consideration and feedback.

3. Choose advertising media

4. Start advertising campaign

Launch the advertising campaign

Once you have reviewed and approved the final advertising materials, we initiate the campaign. Our advertising auction experts (Media Buyers) customize the campaign to ensure optimal results.

Provide results analysis

At the conclusion of the advertising period on social media, we deliver a detailed report summarizing the results. Utilizing measurement tools, we present clear and verifiable data covering metrics such as likes, impressions, comments, as well as ROI (Return on Investment) and ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).

5. Deliver results

6. Get reviews

Gather customer feedback

We value your feedback and reviews. As we deliver the online advertising campaign, we encourage you to share your comments, reviews, and criticisms. This input helps us refine and enhance our advertising services, continually striving for improved performance. Don’t miss out on experiencing our services firsthand – reach out to us to consult with one of our experienced Media Buyers without delay.

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Finding the right target audience is crucial when it comes to accepting advertising through online platforms. At Sixtygram, we understand the importance of identifying the specific group of individuals who are most interested in your product or service. That’s why we have a team of marketing experts with diverse professional backgrounds, enabling us to effectively serve clients from various industries. We pride ourselves on delivering successful advertising results and have earned the trust of businesses of all sizes, including specialized sectors such as law offices, clinics, nutritional supplements, hospitals, and medical centers. Rest assured, we are confident in our ability to meet your advertising needs and exceed your expectations.

Industries We Serve: Advertising Services in Thailand



plastic surgery clinic

real estate

insurance office, law

training institute

Food delivery

dietary supplement company

Private hospital

entertainment venue

medical cannabis

news agency

marketing company

factory machinery

digital advertising is the process of purchasing ad space on specific spots designated by social media platforms. This can include ad placements on timeline pages, in between video content, or in easily visible areas for social media users. To place advertisements, one must utilize auction tools to compete with other advertisers and adhere to the platform’s rules and guidelines.

To achieve optimal results in Digital advertising in Thailand, it is essential to utilize advertising tools tailored to target Thai individuals who have a genuine interest in the advertised products or services. While many platforms provide self-service options for placing ads, online advertising aimed at reaching a Thai audience can be complex and require extensive analysis and testing of multiple target groups. Thus, there are agencies or agents, like us, who specialize in facilitating online advertising in Thailand to streamline this process.

Popular online platforms such as Facebook (Meta), Google, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube are commonly utilized for advertising purposes. However, not all platforms are suitable for every business. For instance, if you operate an energy drink business, advertising on Facebook, which offers wide exposure to a broad target audience, may be more fitting than using specific keywords to target users on Google Ads. Therefore, it is advisable to seek advice from a marketing consultant or a Media Buyer to determine the most suitable online advertising channel for your business.

Measurement and assessment of advertising campaign expenses primarily involve considering the return on investment (ROI) and return on ad spend (ROAS). These values are automatically calculated and summarized by the advertising tool at the end of the campaign. They provide valuable insights into how much sales or conversions were generated per advertising investment, allowing businesses to evaluate the effectiveness and profitability of their advertising efforts.

In Thailand, the cost of digital advertising through an online marketing agency typically starts at 9,000 baht per month, excluding the expenses for the advertising budget itself. When you choose Sixtygram for your online advertising needs, you gain access to unlimited advertising channels. Additionally, we provide complimentary advertising images or short videos, ROI measurement reports in Excel format, and guaranteed engagement. Do not hesitate to contact us right away for more information and assistance in boosting your digital advertising efforts.

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