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Sixtygram, established in 2023 by Natthapat and Amintra, is a dynamic marketing agency offering comprehensive online marketing services and advertising across various media platforms. Tailoring content to suit specific businesses in Thailand, our team, composed of freelancers and website experts, has expanded to meet the growing demand for online marketing in the country.

Whether your business is large or small, Sixtygram is prepared to elevate your brand through effective online marketing strategies. Our commitment is to guide you through each step, ensuring sustainable sales and success in achieving all your goals. Choose Sixtygram for the best and most secure marketing strategies tailored to your business needs.

Our Mission

Championing Sustainable Marketing

At Sixtygram, our agency was established with a profound objective – to provide guidance and support to both Thai individuals and foreigners seeking to engage in business ventures within Thailand. Our team of marketing specialists is dedicated to comprehending the holistic view of the businesses we assist. Our approach extends beyond merely driving specific campaigns; it focuses on fostering the sustainability (branding) of the business and establishing a robust online presence for a wider audience.

Sustainable and accurate marketing will help push the business sector in Thailand to expand and compete in a better direction. In the end Users or consumers of such products and services in Thailand will benefit most from transparent market competition.

Accurate Knowledge

Providing marketing knowledge along with marketing services is another important thing that we adhere to in the organization. Our expert marketing team will be your best partner. Because we believe Marketing is knowledge “Marketing knowledge”

Every company that trusts and works with our agency receives a strategic idea of how their business compares to its competitors. Expense budget planning Behavioral variables of potential customers Overall analysis of buyers’ markets and marketing plans in every step

This makes SIxtygram an expert partner looking to grow your online business. Always with a common goal

Leadership at Sixtygram

As the CEO of Sixtygram, I am Natthapat (O), also an entrepreneur involved in multiple website businesses across Thailand. Our team is enthusiastic and prepared to deliver impactful marketing outcomes for businesses of all sizes in Thailand.

With the experience and expertise of every marketing team that I have personally selected. This makes me confident that the employer will receive success according to the goals set in every respect and have guaranteed safe marketing at every step according to the contract.


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I am Amintra (Min), the CEO, and co-founder of our company. With over 3 years of experience as a business consultant and a freelancer specializing in online marketing for distinct business groups, I made the decision to delve into the realm of marketing in Thailand.

At present, I have seen the problem of businesses that want to market. However, there are still few web agencies in Thailand to choose from. Sixtygram has come in to meet this demand. By assembling a team of specialized professionals Both graphic designers Website developer, SEO, KOLs admin and complete marketing planner.

(CEO & Co-Founder)

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