31 January 2024

Guide to Facebook Page Maintenance Services

Sixtygram has observed that numerous businesses, having been in operation for some time, are increasingly venturing into the realm of social media to enhance online sales and connect with fresh target demographics using the Facebook Fanpage tool. However, breaking through to new audiences on popular social media platforms is a formidable challenge. Consequently, a plethora of services is now available for hire, catering to the creation and management of Facebook pages. These services are offered by both marketing agencies and freelancers who specialize in this domain.

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Why should you have a Facebook page?

The Facebook page, or more commonly known as the Facebook fan page, stands out as a preeminent social media platform extensively embraced by the Thai demographic. Its back-end management system boasts an intuitive UX/UI design, ensuring a user-friendly and easily comprehensible experience. This platform proves to be a versatile asset for entrepreneurs, offering a plethora of features, including but not limited to the Marketplace, message box functionality, seamless addition of administrators, and the ability to share posts across various platforms.

Furthermore, Facebook’s robust infrastructure facilitates the auction and strategic placement of advertisements, ensuring heightened visibility by displaying them on the timelines of general users. This multifaceted approach positions the Facebook page as an indispensable tool for businesses seeking not only a user-centric interface but also an effective means to amplify their reach through targeted advertising.

Types of page maintenance services

Marketing agencies and freelancers currently handle the creation and management of Facebook pages. These services can be categorized into four types based on essential fan page features.

1. Content Marketing services

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The content creator for Facebook is tasked with planning and producing content through the channel. Posting is paramount, be it creating customer-attracting content, analyzing key message words in posts, crafting captions, choosing content illustrations, or scheduling content publication dates and times (Content Calendar).

2. Graphics Design services

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Graphic media design typically accompanies content creation, encompassing the production and design of graphics suitable for the business. This includes videos, banner images, profile pictures, photo albums, and descriptive posts. It plays a crucial role in public relations, contributing to building credibility for the brand.

3. Admin Page services

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The Facebook page admin (Facebook Admin) is responsible for fostering engagement with customers on the business fan page. Their duties include updating brand news, introducing special promotions, responding to chats and comments, processing orders, and providing daily balance summaries. They also report any encountered issues to the owner of the fan page receiving the service.

4. Google Advertise

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Adding ads or creating Facebook Ads is considered an extension of general fan page maintenance. The Media Buyer, also known as the adder, utilizes techniques and expertise to identify personalized customer behavior, selecting target groups related to the business (Target) that purchase advertising. They are responsible for bidding on advertisements within a predetermined budget to maximize effectiveness.

However, the four types of page maintenance services can be interchanged, merged, and customized into a single package. This is done to ensure suitability for specific marketing groups within the business or to independently organize sales promotions.

How to search for Facebook page maintenance services

To search for Facebook page maintenance services, assess and select a provider based on their performance and capabilities. Inquire about their working process, expertise in using tools (Fanpage Tools), and consistently compare page maintenance rates with other service providers.

For selecting a Facebook page maintenance service at Sixtygram, the starting price is 5,000 baht. Feel free to contact us to view our work and receive immediate recommendations.

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Consider Before Choosing a Facebook Page Maintenance Service

Exorbitant Service Fees: The cost of maintaining a fan page is typically reasonable, ranging from 5,000 to 20,000 baht on average. This is justified by the diverse tasks undertaken by the page administrator, encompassing the production of quality content, creation of graphics and videos, and manual response to customer chats during business hours. Consequently, it is impractical to impose inflated page maintenance fees for a job that involves a multitude of responsibilities, even if they number in the hundreds of thousands.

Violating Facebook’s Rules: Strict adherence to Facebook’s rules and policies is essential. Engaging a page maintenance service that breaches these guidelines may lead to the closure of your business fan page. Therefore, it is crucial to thoroughly investigate and assess the history of the page administrator before making a hiring decision.

Lack of Data Analysis Plan: A comprehensive data analysis plan, including post scheduling and result reporting, serves as evidence that can generate a positive response from the fans of the fan page. Providing reports and data analysis plans, encompassing metrics such as the increase in likes, movement in follower count, and engagement metrics like comments and shares, is a crucial responsibility of the page maintenance service provider to consistently deliver to the employer.

Focused on Closing Sales: It is advisable to observe the conduct of the moderators on your Facebook fan page. Are they primarily driven to sell and close transactions rather than providing comprehensive product details? If so, we recommend refraining from hiring such service providers. While the swift sale of products holds significance, the more crucial aspect lies in nurturing and maintaining long-term relationships with customers on your fan page. Page administrators engaging in friendly conversations and naturally recommending products tend to encourage repeat purchases. Rushing to sell products during the maintenance phase by someone else can potentially harm the brand’s image in the long run.

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