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SIXTYGRAM specializes in tailored online marketing services designed for specific businesses. Founded by Mr. Nattapat,
a website and marketing expert, our expertise is dedicated to businesses of all sizes.
We are prepared to elevate your brand and drive sustainable sales through the selection of the best and safest marketing strategies.
Our commitment is to guide you through every step, ensuring success in achieving all your goals.

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Digital Marketing

Unleash your innovative concepts combined with cutting-edge marketing technologies. Explore ways to elevate your brand using an array of effective tools. Explore our services here to get started!

Website Development


Website Development (Website Develop) We create high quality websites. Along with the essential processes for developing your website’s UX and Ui, we always include your ideas. Through exchanging ideas and adapting your ideas to suit the target group. Ready to publish your website as your main base for the online world.

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Beyond website development, our team will fine-tune your website to be SEO-friendly, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with search engine data collection (Search Engine). We also offer the incorporation of SEO articles featuring content tailored to the specific needs of your target audience and business type.

Marketing Agency SEO


Engage with our Influencer Marketing service, utilizing cutting-edge marketing tools on popular social media platforms. We will carefully choose prominent figures aligned with your business’s target audience to assist in advertising (PR) and provide reviews of your products and services.

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Marketing consultant

For businesses unsure of where to begin, we suggest consulting with one of our marketing experts. Receive valuable advice and a well-crafted plan tailored to showcase your business. This complimentary service will equip you with the information needed to make informed decisions about online marketing tools and strategies, essential for driving business success.

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Advertise Effectively

Initiate your advertising endeavors by procuring ads on prominent social media platforms like Google and Facebook. Sixtygram crafts advertising content through auctions, encompassing Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and the acquisition of ad banners from our network websites. This approach guarantees both increased sales and an expanded online presence through diverse advertising formats. With our Google Partner and Facebook Partner badges, we assure your brand’s prominence, consistently reaching the right audience at the right time.

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Connect for Marketing
and Advertising Assistance

Receive complimentary guidance and tailored online marketing recommendations suitable for your business type. Whether it’s advice on content or campaign selection, simply reach out to us for expert assistance.

Why choose Sixtygram?

We have a keen understanding of what customers value most in online marketing.


Sixtygram’s Digital agency excels in thorough marketing planning, spearheaded by a team of seasoned, independent marketing experts. With a wealth of experience in discerning business opportunities, conducting competitor analysis, and crafting effective, tailored marketing strategies, we ensure that our approach aligns seamlessly with each client’s unique business goals.


Our agency always uses a variety of online marketing channels to maximize reach and results for our clients. Whether it’s strategic advertising on platforms like Google through methods like SEO, SEM, influencers, Facebook ads, and Ads, you can reach a wide audience. through precise targeting and criteria for effectively measuring campaign results


Contacting Sixtygram is hassle-free through Line@ for advertising and boosting product and service sales. We not only offer marketing advice via LINE but also share exclusive promotions directly with customers. Additionally, feel free to reach out to us for enhancing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and take advantage of our website administrator services at no cost.


Our array of services includes website maintenance, KOL perspectives, and the enlistment of freelance experts specializing in creating targeted SEO SEM content from prominent professional domains. Serving as personal consultants, our experts manage inquiries, respond to questions, and suggest tailored services to enhance our clients’ business endeavors.

Marketing Tools We Use

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Sixtygram agency extends its services to enhance and cultivate your marketing channels, with a special focus on sectors that require frequent updates, such as beauty products, medical services, and online stores.


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@Nok Kwanjira

Swift and remarkably impressive service. Appreciate your post-event advice. Consider me a loyal customer.

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@Korn Treewit

Craft a website that aligns with the specifications; I’ll reach out again. Thanks.

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@Art Kajornsakkosol

Entrust it to the top-notch leader, my favorite marketing agency, always accommodating and consistently impressive.

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@Narit Senawong

Implemented a great marketing strategy with the Sixtygram team. Their proactive and expert approach is inspiring.

Marketing Agency

SixtyGrams Company Limited operates a consulting and marketing business. which has specific expertise in online marketing (Online Marketing) by providing integrated services Outstanding in finding strategies that are specifically suitable for customers’ businesses. Because of all our marketing campaigns Must be analyzed in terms of content (Content) to be specifically relevant to the business. For example, in the case of SEO, it may be successful for some businesses that require complete product information. However, if some businesses require short videos that are easily trending, Sixtygram will recommend marketing using KOLs instead.

Whichever type of business the customer is looking to do online marketing, Sixtygram will be ready to provide complete services in one place, whether it be hiring quality content campaigns, doing SEO, marketing planning, Website, product and service reviews, recruiting influencers, Branding, buying advertising (Ads), analyzing marketing data, PR public relations, photo editing of product lists and business graphics. All of the above, Sixtygram Agency does it all with proven results. Learn more

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Our work is certified according to Thai standards,
earning recognition from customers across every province.




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Marketing Agency suitable for?

A Marketing Agency, comprised of professionals with expertise in advertising and public relations, collaborates to engage customers based on the targeted audience of the employing business. Through comprehensive analysis of business opportunities, enhancement of user experience, and increased visibility using diverse media tools, they drive effective decision-making.

If you are seeking a marketing assistant or consultant to attract customers through online advertising, enlisting a specialized marketing agency is crucial. They play a vital role in analyzing your business opportunities and feasibility, especially when launching a new product or service relevant to your target customer group. Marketing agency experts bring valuable knowledge, experience, tools, expertise, and strategies that can significantly benefit your business.

Which Marketing Strategy Works Best?

While traditional advertising media such as print, video, and TV programs are popular, online marketing demands a distinct approach. A dedicated online marketing agency, like Sixtygram, excels in marketing through digital channels seamlessly. Whether it’s enhancing business search efficiency through SEO, purchasing advertising on social media via PPC, or implementing email marketing, they specialize in cost-effective strategies. These approaches, including website creation, not only save money but also deliver results that can compete effectively with traditional advertising media.

benefits of using a marketing agency?

When you are interested in online marketing and are deciding to hire a marketing agency. A key benefit to businesses is access to specialized marketing resources and tools. Marketing performance analysis reserved for employers A marketing agency can provide you with an in-depth perspective on attracting customers. Help determine advertising campaign plans. and create accurate performance indicators (KPIs) for your business And marketing agencies can also guarantee marketing results within budget constraints (Cost-Effective) for your business.

Hire an Agency or In-House is Better?

Companies often face the decision of either outsourcing their marketing needs to an agency or managing it internally with their own employees. The key differentiator is the aspect of “Controllable Budgets and Results.” Marketing agencies typically come with pre-established costs and mutually agreed-upon marketing outcomes. This relieves employers of expenses like marketing tools, training, and the salaries of dedicated marketing staff. Opting for a marketing agency provides the advantage of predicting results in advance and determining the direction they will take.

On the other hand, establishing an in-house marketing department, even with internal employees who possess a deeper understanding of specific businesses, comes with challenges in controlling costs and managing marketing results.

Cost of Online Marketing?

The online marketing service fee (Agency Fee) charged by a marketing agency is contingent on the nature of the business. On average, a small to medium-sized business (SME) may incur monthly expenses ranging from 10,000 to 20,000 baht, whereas larger companies might invest hundreds of thousands of baht monthly in marketing expenses. For precise information on marketing agency pricing tailored to your specific business, please provide your business details to receive a customized quote from us.

How to choose the marketing agency?

In the pursuit of a marketing agency that not only delivers favorable results but also aligns with your budgetary considerations, consulting with a professional marketing company is essential. Engage in discussions to exchange perspectives on marketing plans and advertising methods. Pose queries to the marketing agency of interest and present your business information and plans for their consideration. By obtaining feedback from various marketing agencies, you can discern which one comprehensively understands your business and acknowledges that their marketing strategy is the most suitable for your business practices.

หลักการ SWOT วิเคราะห์จุดแข็ง จุดอ่อน

SWOT principles: Analyzing business strengths and weaknesses

SWOT คือ เครื่องมือการวิเคราะห์ที่ได้รับความนิยมอย่างแพร่หลายในการวางแผนกลยุทธ์ขององค์กร SWOT ย่อมากจากปัจจัย 4 อย่าง คือ Strengths (จุดแข็ง), Weaknesses (จุดอ่อน), Opportunities (โอกาส) และ Threats (อุปสรรค) ซึ่งช่วยให้องค์กรสามารถระบุและทำความเข้าใจสภาพแวดล้อมภายในและภายนอกที่มีผลกระทบต่อการดำเนินธุรกิจได้อย่างครอบคลุม