25 January 2024

Basic Guide with ClickUp (Updated 2024)

Engaging in medium to large-sized projects often brings challenges in managing and delivering work effectively to the team. Sixtygram, our online marketing company, encounters similar issues. Today, we take the initiative to introduce ClickUp, the most popular management tool of 2024. Packed with interesting features, user-friendly interface, and cost-effectiveness, ClickUp is a tool everyone should explore. This article will delve into its contents.

What is ClickUp?


ClickUp is a versatile tool that enables users to collaborate, oversee work assignments, and track project status seamlessly with their team in real-time, utilizing cloud technology. ClickUp features a notification system, along with various handy toolbars like comment addition (assign comments), task notifications for responsible team members, and status marking for workpieces (marked). All functionalities can be easily managed and monitored through a straightforward Agile Dashboard.

One standout feature of ClickUp is its capacity to empower supervisors to send targeted notifications to individual team members. This proves to be more convenient and conducive to work compared to using personal messaging apps like LINE for work-related communication.

Upon exploration, ClickUp distinguishes itself from other scheduling management applications by virtue of its open-source nature. The development team intentionally designed ClickUp to be open-source, enabling external developers to leverage platforms such as Slack or GitHub to enhance functionality. This approach facilitates the provision of essential information tailored to specific business needs with greater ease.

Quick Guide to Using ClickUp

Get started using ClickUp together by following these simple steps:

1. Register for a free ClickUp account by visiting the ClickUp website; no download is required, as the entire ClickUp system operates through a web browser. However, if you prefer to use the ClickUp app, you can download it from here.

2. Provide your personal email address on the registration page, and then click the “Next” button.

สมัคร ClickUp

3. Enter your desired username, personal email, and password, then click the ‘Play with ClickUp’ button.

สมัคร ClickUp 2

4. Receive a 4-digit verification code sent to your email and enter it on the signup page. Alternatively, simply click the ‘Go to verify’ link sent by ClickUp to log in to the control page and start your project right away.

สมัคร ClickUp 3
สมัคร ClickUp 4

Exploring Exciting Features in ClickUp

Multitask Toolbar:

toolbar ClickUp
  • Effortlessly handle various tasks with the user-friendly Multitask toolbar. Update delivery due dates, set custom flags, or quickly organize the next task in a group (Task Group). This feature is perfect for Project Managers overseeing status updates across numerous tasks or distributing identical tasks within concurrent projects.

Dashboard System

ClickUp แผนภูมิ
  • Enabling users to incorporate all essential metrics onto the dashboard, it provides user-friendly display options, including charts, graphs, and project completion percentage levels.
  • Additionally, the dashboard allows the inclusion of information, articles, and archived documents relevant to your project. This facilitates easier study and access for all team members.

Adjust customization settings as you wish

ClickUp สถานะของทีม
  • Empowering users with the flexibility to craft spreadsheets and dashboard pages effortlessly, without requiring any programming knowledge or coding skills – a key selling point of ClickUp.
  • Stay informed about team activities by tracking the progress of each project. Set deadlines and receive instant notifications for completed or delayed tasks. This functionality enables supervisors and team members to make well-informed decisions based on the latest information.

Handle tasks using a mobile application.

Click Up ทุกแพลตฟอร์ม
  • Enhance your work efficiency with ClickUp, available as a mobile application on iOS (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch) and Android devices.
  • Tasks recorded and managed with ClickUp trigger instant mobile notifications upon any project changes.

Who is ClickUp suitable for?

ClickUp is a versatile task management software designed to assist users in planning, tracking, and collaborating on a variety of projects. It is ideal for business operators with employees at the Start-Up level and beyond, managing multiple projects scheduled for delivery within a similar timeframe. Whether it’s a marketing campaign, business development project, or customizable specific projects, ClickUp offers the most open customization options, accommodating a wide range of use cases. This flexibility makes it suitable for teams with different complexities and working conditions. Moreover, it fosters a friendly and professional environment for collaboration.

The current free version of ClickUp includes features like automated charting templates. For businesses, ClickUp offers a paid option (check ClickUp pricing). If you haven’t tried it yet, seize the opportunity to elevate your business into a more professional realm. Begin your journey with our recommended free trial today. Thank you.

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