Thailand TikTok Video Production: Filming, Editing, Content Creation

Offering complete TikTok video production services in Thailand, starting from filming with provided camera and lighting equipment. We also offer content creation, editing, voice-over, image integration, as well as talent and studio sourcing.

  • Starting from only 1,900 THB per Video
  • Content Topic Creation for Filming Free
  • Video Editing/Clip Image Integration Free

Choose the Topic You’re Interested In

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Why Make TikTok Videos with Us?

Currently, TikTok boasts over 732 million users worldwide, with more than 44.38 million accounts from Thailand. It has outpaced other long-dominant social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. TikTok is especially popular among Gen Z and Millennial users, making it a crucial platform for engaging with younger demographics. To help your brand enter TikTok smoothly, create trend-aligned, professional videos, and adhere to the latest best practices, you don’t need to stress anymore. Sixtygram offers comprehensive content creation services that target your brand’s audience precisely on TikTok. We provide end-to-end services including filming, editing, designing, and creating engaging content for your business.


Want to Go Viral on TikTok Thailand?

Now is the best time! Starting to make TikTok videos to advertise your products and services is more cost-effective than ever, as TikTok currently has the lowest marketing costs among social media platforms in Thailand. A single viral clip can generate substantial profits for your brand due to the low competition rate. Our production team will ensure your TikTok short videos have unique, creative content. Our crew, directors, and lighting technicians know how to present your brand in a way that encourages viewers to purchase your products. Just contact us, and we will come up with content topics and shooting scripts that you’ll love.

Here’s What We Offer You

Video Editing

Editing video clips and adding text overlays for clips up to 2 minutes long.

Content Topic Creation

Creating 30 content topics for video clips. This service includes topic creation only, excluding scripts or content.

Shooting Scripts

Preparing shooting scripts for short video content, including research and references for each content piece.


Filming sessions with a team for up to 4 hours per session, including a cameraman with full equipment and an on-site producer.

Thai Voice Over

Providing Thai voice-over services, with voice selection to match the client’s business and services.

Actor Sourcing

Finding Thai actors for short video clips based on actor rates.

Cover Design

Designing clip covers to make the clips attractive and enhance the channel’s distinct character.

Hair and Makeup Artist Sourcing

Sourcing hair and makeup artists for short video shoots to enhance overall appearance and credibility, with full support throughout the shoot.

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TikTok Video Production Prices


Content topic creation

On-location filming (Bangkok and vicinity)

Filming with Nikon Z8
+ complete lighting and mic setup

Video and image editing

Subtitle insertion

Video cover design

Videos up to 2 minutes


18,000 THB


1 session (4 hours)





5 Video

1 Video

25,000 THB


1 session (4 hours)





10 Video

2 Video

69,000 THB


2 session (8 hours)





30 Video

5 Video

Note: Prices do not include location fees
and travel expenses for out-of-town shoots.

Our TikTok Video Production Portfolio

Sixtygram, our marketing agency and TikTok video production company, is ready to serve brands across all industries, including international brands aiming to market their products and services in Thailand. We cater to a wide range of businesses including applications, websites, e-commerce, consumer goods, and more, to help them expand their sales on the TikTok platform.

With proven results and expertise in production house operations, short video filming, modern video editing, and most importantly, creative marketing content creation, our team is dedicated to producing high-quality TikTok videos. We leverage in-depth trend knowledge using analytical tools from TikTok Creative Center and combine the creativity of our directors and producers. This ensures that your brand achieves the desired sales, visibility, and KPI targets through the video sets we produce.