13 January 2024

What is Backlink?

To optimize your website’s SEO, understanding the key factors that enhance its ranking is paramount. Backlinks constitute a crucial element, although not the sole one, contributing significantly to SEO across various website types. In this discussion, Sixtygram delves into the significance of backlinks and provides insights on crafting comprehensive and precise links.

Now, let’s delve into the topic of backlinks.

What is Backlink?

Backlinks serve as referrals from one website to another, enhancing the credibility of the recipient. The quantity of received links, specifically backlinks, plays a pivotal role. As per the expertise of SEO professionals, a higher count of quality backlinks is associated with an improved ranking on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). This theory posits that achieving a higher SERP ranking is indicative of enhanced overall performance.

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Example: A backlink from the Sixtygram website can be directed to your website. Similarly, Seoreviewtools has…

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The Significance of Backlinks

In essence, a website disseminates links that extend beyond its own domain. The primary objective is to signal to search engines that the content is valuable, trustworthy, and beneficial. The greater the number of inbound links your website garners, the higher the likelihood of its prominence. This, in turn, contributes to elevated rankings on Google and other search engines. Google’s algorithm, incorporating link analysis and PageRank, comprehensively assesses the interconnectedness of web pages, thereby influencing search engine outcomes.

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Example: backlinks from educational institution websites ( or government agency websites ( are deemed highly trustworthy, possessing elevated Domain Authority. Such backlinks can bestow commendable scores upon certified websites. The strategic use of backlinks has been a longstanding practice among SEO professionals. However, the key lies in creating backlinks that adhere to Google’s and other search engines’ anti-spam policies, requiring meticulous adherence to strict guidelines.

5 Essential Tips for Successful Backlinks

To gain a thorough understanding of backlinks, you need to know how to systematically identify them. Just because there is an inbound link on a website doesn’t necessarily guarantee good results. If you want your backlinks to positively impact your search page rankings in line with your goals, what you need most are a few quality backlinks that hold more value than millions of spam links. This can be achieved by following the observations of good backlinks outlined as follows:

1. Backlinks from High-Rated Websites

Securing links from well-established and authoritative websites is paramount. Opting for links from large, influential sites is more beneficial than obtaining backlinks from startups or lesser-known platforms. This practice aligns with the principle of Website Score Value, commonly known as Domain Authority. In essence, the higher the authority score a website possesses, the more it can enhance the score of the linked website. To gauge a website’s score, tools like Moz, Ahrefs, Semrush, or Ubersuggest can be employed, providing metrics such as DR (Domain Rating) or UR (URL Rating).”

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2. Scrutinize the Anchor Text of the Link

The Anchor Text plays a crucial role as it is the visible part of the link (Backlink) that search engines can perceive. SEO specialists strategically embed significant keywords related to the business or aligning with the content of the linking website. This practice not only creates an enticing opportunity for users to click on the link but also influences the Search Engine’s processing through the PageRank system. The outcome is an enhanced ranking for the website receiving the link.

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Nevertheless, caution must be exercised when crafting anchor text for backlinks, particularly by avoiding the excessive repetition of identical words (keywords) in multiple links. This practice could lead to a breach of spam guidelines. Hence, the utilization of anchor text in links should be approached judiciously and sparingly, emphasizing relevance to the content within the website.

3. Type of Website Sending Backlinks

Upon the creation of backlinks, Google’s algorithms promptly assess the relevance of links originating from both outbound and inbound sources. In adherence to the link analysis system, obtaining backlinks from Russian websites, for example, when you operate a Thai language or a gray business website, could be detrimental. Websites that engage in spamming or violate policies, despite receiving a high volume of backlinks, may prove harmful if their content isn’t pertinent to your website. Recognizing and avoiding such irrelevant backlinks is crucial to safeguarding your search engine rankings.

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4. Ensure Dofollow Links

Dofollow links serve as a clear signal to Google and other search engines that the author intends to permit link analysis and PageRank to track them for link relevance, directly influencing rankings. Therefore, it’s imperative to ensure that the backlinks your website receives are Dofollow instead of Nofollow. Nofollow links are configured not to transmit any Trust Score to the linked website, potentially impacting the overall effectiveness of the backlink strategy.

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This implies that the Search Engine Robot will trace and follow the provided link to the target website, thereby enhancing the credibility of the target website.

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This entails preventing Search Engine Robots from tracing and following the given link to the target website, resulting in minimal impact on reliability.

5. Caution with Repeated Links from a Single Source

While acquiring backlinks from diverse websites is advantageous for SEO, a cautionary note is warranted against an abundance of duplicate backlinks from the same source. This practice can adversely impact the website’s Domain Authority score, as the authority of the linking website diminishes. In essence, the quality of backlinks degrades when there’s a recurring pattern of receiving ‘many links from a single site,’ even if the originating website possesses a high authority score.

Guide for Quality Backlinks

Create Valuable Content

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One of the most effective strategies for acquiring high-quality backlinks is to ensure that the content on your website is truly worth linking to. The website you want to be linked should merit the endorsement. This can be achieved through various content types such as in-depth knowledge articles, Ebooks, videos, and insights or experiences shared by reputable individuals. Often, it is the content that naturally attracts a substantial number of backlinks. This aligns with the principles of organic and natural links, forming the foundational concept of the Google algorithm in establishing a genuine linking system between websites.

Avoid buying backlinks

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It’s strongly advised to refrain from purchasing backlinks altogether. Presently, numerous backlink services are available on freelance platforms, offering affordable rates and enticing promotions. These services often utilize automated programs to swiftly generate links to your website. However, acquiring backlinks through purchase goes against Google’s Web Search Guidelines on link spam policies. Websites engaging in this practice face penalties, including reduced or blocked visibility on Google search pages upon detection. Even if purchased backlinks manage to evade spam detection, the transient nature of cheap backlinks often leads to their removal, ultimately negatively impacting your SEO rankings.

Exceptional scenario: Google does not penalize those who purchase backlinks if the links are tagged as Nofollow or sponsored. (Nofollow and Sponsored links do not exert any SEO impact on the website’s ranking system.)

Establishing Website Partnerships

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In the pursuit of success, abandoning the idea of flying solo is key. This notion holds true when it comes to creating quality backlinks as well. It’s imperative to connect with web partners operating in the same business niche. A strategic approach involves reaching out via email, proposing the exchange of interesting and relevant articles to be featured on both your website and your partner’s website. The primary objective is to foster the creation of valuable backlinks, aligning with the preferences of search engines. Collaborating between sites to deliver high-quality content to readers not only enhances user experience but also results in improved rankings.

Discover and Replace Links

This strategy bears resemblance to establishing website affiliates. Utilize a website analysis tool to identify broken links (backlinks) on websites within your business niche. Subsequently, initiate contact and propose the replacement of these broken links. The challenge lies in creating valuable content to substitute for the identified broken links on other websites. Many websites are inclined to reciprocate with backlinks in acknowledgment of good neighborly practices.

Guest Post

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A Guest Post involves the privilege of contributing an article on your website’s behalf, typically under a designated category like interviews, news, or specialized knowledge. However, the landscape has evolved, making it increasingly challenging to secure such opportunities. The prevalence of Guest Post websites offering free publishing has resulted in a surge of spam articles and unhelpful comments.

Despite these challenges, Guest Posts remain among the most effective methods for building backlinks. Consider reaching out to news agencies, online media outlets, or interview programs that align with your business niche. This strategic outreach not only benefits SEO but also streamlines your efforts more than you might anticipate.”


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เครดิตของภาพจาก TTT-Website

Crafting images that are not only useful to the viewer but also clearly convey the intended message can significantly enhance your website’s backlink potential. Many SEO experts frequently opt to use images from Google Images in conjunction with their content. When an image is downloaded and utilized, proper credit or reference is always given, resulting in a backlink to the website that owns the image copyright. We recommend creating informative infographics and regularly updating your content for optimal impact.

Analyze Competitor Backlinks

Uncertain about the type, source, and quantity of backlinks your website should acquire? A valuable strategy is to examine the backlinks of competitors or partners within the same industry. Employ a website analysis tool, such as Backlink Checker, to scrutinize the origin of backlinks from other websites that align with the content on your own site. Reach out to these websites that provide relevant links. By reviewing the content associated with these backlinks, you can glean insights for shaping your own backlink building plan.

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