12 January 2024

Top 10 Best SEO Courses (Updated 2024)

In response to the growing interest in SEO and marketing in Thailand, businesses are increasingly running their own SEO campaigns. Recognizing the importance of knowledge in this field, it’s crucial to connect with SEO experts. Today, Sixtygram invites you to explore the top 10 places offering the best SEO lessons, carefully selected from both popular institutions in Thailand and internationally accredited English language courses.

Our ranking of SEO courses in 2024 is based on popularity, published knowledge, and positive feedback from individuals who have studied under these instructors. Choose the instructor that aligns with your interests, consider the tuition, and embark on the journey to enhance your SEO skills.

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The optimal destination for studying SEO in Thailand


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Padvee, also known as Padvee Web School, established in 2017, specializes in teaching WordPress themes and fundamental SEO principles. Catering to beginners and those entering the SEO realm with no prior background, Padvee focuses on teaching the correct (primarily white hat) SEO practices. As the top SEO instructor, Padvee places a strong emphasis on cultivating the right mindset and delivering high-quality content. Students can opt for online courses or choose one-on-one and group sessions. In terms of pricing, Padvee is considered a cost-effective option, providing students with essential principles and methods to kickstart their SEO journey accurately and comprehensively.

For inquiries or to enroll, please contact:

Line ID: @padveewebschool
Tel : 089-065-2188
Email: [email protected]
Address: Seatz station Cafe & Co working space 88/10-11 Ngamwongwan Road, Ladyao Subdistrict, Chatuchak District, Bangkok 10900

2. Palamike

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Palakorn, also known as Palamike, holds the second position as a renowned website creation instructor. Achieving fame through video clips on SEO seven years ago, Palakorn’s class is tailored for beginners lacking SEO fundamentals. The instructional style involves a deliberately slow-paced tone, ensuring clarity in content comprehension. Palakorn simplifies the learning materials, making them easily accessible for self-assessment in every lesson. This approach has propelled Palakorn to popularity among web development enthusiasts in Thailand. The curriculum primarily focuses on sharing techniques and tips for implementing SEO on blog-type websites. Graduates are empowered to continue independent study and advancement in their web development journey.

For inquiries or to enroll, please contact:

Tel: 065-264-2919
Email: [email protected]
Address: 525/99 Town Plus Pracha Uthit, Thung Khru, Thung Khru, Bangkok

3. SEO Boba Style by Chalakorn Berg

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Chalakorn Berg’s SEO Boba Style has become a sensation among SEO enthusiasts on social media, gaining popularity and virality. It distinguishes itself by employing language and technical SEO terms in an easily understandable manner, creating a reader-friendly experience. The instructor frequently hosts promotions and seminars for students. Additionally, SEO Boba Style serves as a consultant in various online business groups, making it ideal for students aspiring to venture into store business, marketing professionals, and website founders. You’ll benefit from having a business consultant alongside comprehensive SEO knowledge.

For inquiries or to enroll, please contact:

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4. Mr. Suphanat Sukkho

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Ms. Suphanat Sukko, an SEO instructor on the Skillane educational platform, offers a comprehensive online course. Tailored for SEO learners without prior knowledge, it covers the basics, in-depth techniques, and strategies. Ideal for those not adept at content creation and with limited IT knowledge. The course provides flexibility with the option to revisit materials at any time through Skillane (17 hours of content). It encompasses various SEO topics, including strategies to make your website renowned, ranking it as the number one best-selling book in its category.

For inquiries or to enroll, please contact:

Enroll in the Intensive SEO course offered by Skilllane.


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Meet Mr. Nakrap Pradabchan, the founder of a dynamic SEO teaching website that imparts business strategies akin to a warrior’s approach. With a wealth of experience in SEO, online sales, establishing an SEO Agency, and teaching SEO, Warrior Pradabchan stands out among our chosen experienced instructors for ranking the best SEO learning platforms at Warrior ( Providing comprehensive professional training courses, SEO Tools, and in-house SEO programs, it’s a noteworthy option for executives seeking to bolster their teams with an SEO marketing agency.

For inquiries or to enroll, please contact: out to apply for a course using the website form at

When it comes to SEO instruction in Thailand, our ranked instructors are all Thai, possessing a comprehensive understanding of both content and business in Thailand. However, if you seek an English-language SEO teaching platform that adheres to international standards and facilitates the application and expansion of your knowledge, this international SEO teaching website is the ideal choice for you.

The prime choice for pursuing SEO studies on an international level

6. Semrush

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Semrush, a tool for analyzing rankings and key search terms from leading U.S. search engines, offers free SEO courses by international experts. The learning materials encompass easily readable SEO courses, video lessons, and web seminars for your active participation. Those who enroll in Semrush Academy and successfully complete the training course will be awarded a certificate, showcasing their proficiency and skills in the field of SEO.

For inquiries or to enroll, please contact:

Enroll in Semrush Academy by contacting us at: [email protected]

7. Ahrefs

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Ranked at #7, Ahrefs is a widely used SEO analysis tool by businesses, providing SEO classes through Ahrefs Academy. The primary focus is on optimizing the use of SEO tools. Whether you’re a beginner starting with the Beginners course or a business blogger, or aiming for advanced proficiency in Advanced Link Building, completing selected lessons will earn you an Ahrefs certificate.

For inquiries or to enroll, please contact:

Enroll in Ahrefs Academy to advance your SEO knowledge.

8. Udemy

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Udemy offers flexible online courses, allowing you to choose study times that suit your schedule. Instructors, often experienced professors recognized by leading institutions worldwide, provide a range of courses. However, you must independently select both instructors and courses, with prices varying significantly—from hundreds to thousands of baht. Investing in specialized SEO courses on Udemy provides the advantage of studying at your own pace, without any expiration date for the chosen content.

For inquiries or to enroll, please contact:

Select an SEO course on Udemy.

9. UC Davis

UC Davis เรียน seo

UC Davis (University of California, Davis), a renowned public university in the United States, provides SEO courses on Coursera. Delivered through online video lectures recorded in university classes, the program is led by experienced professors in the SEO faculty who guide you through the course. The duration spans 4 to 6 months, commencing with fundamental teachings and progressing to advanced content creation and SEO strategies. The hands-on exams and earned credits culminate in the receipt of an official certificate of completion from UC Davis.

For inquiries or to enroll, please contact:

Enroll in the SEO Course offered by UC Davis.

10. Yoast

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Yoast SEO, a prominent SEO software company renowned for its plugins enhancing the search results of basic website pages, is widely favored by website developers for its utility and convenience. Yoast SEO Academy provides SEO courses, covering fundamental website structure training to advanced levels through accessible online programs. Two options are available: 1. Free type and 2. Paid type, which collaborates with reputable institutions. Enrolling students also receive the Yoast SEO Premium plugin for free.

For inquiries or to enroll, please contact:

Enroll in courses through Yoast SEO Academy.

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